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We are working to publish a book on the development of the public transport system of Dubai. It will be a travel in the past showing from the very first beginning how a small handful of people never abandoned the vision of creating a safety, confortable, economic, environmental friendly, and integrated transport system.

This work will illustrate the evolution of the different transport modes (bus, taxi, abra, waterbus, water taxi, ferry, tram, metro) and how step after step the transport network became an integrated system covering the full Emirate of Dubai with the highest international standards.

Faced with the challenge of providing adequate transport services with limited resources, cities have, for several decades, been investing in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS utilize Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to make more efficient use of existing transport infrastructure with the aim of improving transport services and reducing congestion, accidents, and air pollution. In the past two decades, with rapid advancement of ICT and intensive advocacy from big technology vendors, the concept of ‘smart cities’ has gained great popularity and many cities have started to undertake a more holistic approach to improving urban services using technology in the name of smart city initiatives.

Public transport has the most customer appeal and is most efficient when it is planned and operated as a seamless, integrated system. This is particularly important in urban environments in fast growing economies where public transport must assessing the impact of transport policies on growth, inclusion, and sustainability in a developing country context. International experience suggests that public transport planners must recognize two integration dimensions:  integration among all modes and routes comprising the multi-modal public transport network, integration of the physical and operational elements or each respective mode and service, e.g., metro or bus. Successful integration in both dimensions will provide a more customer-friendly experience and make public transport more efficient and cost-effective. This will help maximize public transport ridership and revenue, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and subsidies and general environmental, social and economic benefits for the investment.

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